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Before Registering to the Guild/Forum, read here:
The >Join DarkSoL< button at the top of this page does not mean your applying to the guild, it means your applying to the Forums, to apply to the guild, Click the Forum tab at the top of the page, then click onto the "Guild Application's" section, and then lastly go onto the "Applications Format" thread and simply read the instructions.

> Welcome to DarkSoL
DarkSoL is a well established guild dedicated to Competitive play and events such as Territory wars, PvP, as well as Player vs. Environment. With many experienced players from older servers, DarkSoL has already gained a strong foothold on the Territory Map, and is most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

> So what does DarkSoL offer for you?
As well as a competitive edge in TW, DarkSoL organizes squads and participates in every one of the following

Twilight Temple
Territory wars, both PvE and PvP
World Bosses
Lunar Glade
Temple of Naviara
Every FB instance
City of Abominations
Dragon Temple

> Our Policies are simple

Respect - as a member of DarkSoL , you are expected to show respect to all your fellow guild mates and officers.

No-Drama - DarkSoL has a strict NO DRAMA policy. Any problems you have with members, please bring it up with an officer. All arguments are to be kept OUT of faction chat, any occurrences will incur a warning.

Mature - DarkSoL is looking for mature members that know how to get along well with others. Maturity level will be judged by behaviour, not age. We dont care if youre 10 or 100, if you act like a 2 year-old, you will be removed.

Active - DarkSoL is a TW faction and as such there will be levelling requirements, so members are expected to be active.

Image - Altho popular opinion of us might differ, DarkSoL strives to be a respectable Guild, and as such members are expected to represent the Guild in a positive manner while playing the game. 

Were a straight to the point No nonsense guild and we are looking for serious players who want to leave there mark on the server. With the guild already up and running thru TT's, PvP, TW etc, the only thing missing is you! To apply go to Forums then Guild Applications and post an Application.
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